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Abhedya 2.0

In a massive Cyber Cryptic Hunt, progress through a series of levels by decoding the clues and answering the questions and gradually moving on to the next one. As you race to the top, exercise your braincells while competing with others.

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Climate change is the next big crisis unless we develop strategies to combat it. AtmoSwitch poses the very question highlighting themes such as Power generation , consumption ,transmission. Expecting well-researched and analaysed reports with realistic and coherent solutions.

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Code Xpress

A 3-hour event in which you must solve coding problems of varying difficulty levels. Participants may write their code in any language they choose.

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An event for the mathematician in you who loves to tinker around with equations, curves, and graphs. Let out your mathematical creativity to bring to life everyday things using multiple equations, in this one-of-a-kind event.

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Travel distances in shortest possible time, satisfying the given set of restrictions on the given map. Let the voyager in you explore the world of navigation and mapping.

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Tech Shorts

From a range of topics, students need to pick one and create a video that is engaging, educative, and conveys the relevant information with simplicity. You can use any tools/software you deem fit for the purpose.

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What is Prodyogiki?
Every technocrat’s first hand at practical implementation of what has been learnt, every nerd’s passion and the most fulfilling exploration of technology that any engineer can do. These are merely the glimpses of the gala show that "Prodyogiki 2022" will be. We at ISTE, NIT Hamirpur are ready with a chain of events designed to challenge and motivate the students at the same time, and bring out their best. Prodyogiki 2022 is filled with interactive technological sessions, workshops, events, quizzes and ample other activities for all you technocrats out there. We promise to be the melting pots of different engineering and technical fields and will set new benchmarks in taking the technological culture of NIT Hamirpur to the unprecedented marks of glory.
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